Please use the form below to contact us, we'll send you more details on how to join and an application form if you decide to go ahead. The Membership year runs from 1st March.

Although there is full-time support for the Club, many of the activities are run by club volunteers and members are expected to contribute a few hours each year by way of 'Club Duties/Maintenance'.

Application forms are available here for download to provide an indication of costs - please contact us first to discuss your requirements.

A) HLSTC Civilian Membership Application Form

B) HLSTC Military Membership Application Form

C) HLSTC Waterski Membership Application Form

D) HLSTC Civilian Youth Group Membership Form

E) HLSTC Military Youth Group Membership Form

F) HLSTC Civilian Adult Group (Small) Membership Form

G) HLSTC Civilian Adult Group (Medium) Membership Form

H) HLSTC Civilian Adult Group (Large) Membership Form

I) HLSTC Military Adult Group Membership Form


Prior to joining please ensure you have read and understand the HLSTC Conditions of Membership 2023

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